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07:54 SWITCHwayf Feature #3919: Use more data to look up IDP
Oh, I just noticed that the WAYF does not search in <mdui:DomainHint>... So I vote for adding that instead of entityI...
07:52 SWITCHwayf Feature #3919: Use more data to look up IDP
Peter Schober wrote:
> IDPs could also be looked up from additional fields in SAML metadata, including:
> * the @en...


09:05 SWITCHwayf Change #3792 (New): Add an option to smuggle an IdP into the users 'last used' IdPs
This is currently only possible for the embedded WAYF, but not for the standalone WAYF.
09:02 SWITCHwayf Change #3791 (Closed): The list of IdPs in the cookie $SAMLDomainCookieName never shrinks
New IdPs get added, but over time, if the cookie is never cleared, it grows with every IdP one accessed. There should...


10:25 SWITCHwayf Feature #3790 (New): Add Last-Modified Header for the two .css files the WAYF generates on the fly
The WAYF generates styles.css and ImprovedDropDown.css on the fly based on the default- and an optional custom- file....


15:25 SWITCHwayf Feature #3789 (New): Reduce the download size by externalizing the data for the IdP drop-down lis...
Currently the WAYF loads the IDProvider.metadata.php and generates the HTML for the IdP dropdown list. The contents o...


07:48 SWITCHwayf Feature #3780 (New): Make use of an ErrorURL in SP's metadata, in case the WAYF detects a non mat...
Only this way the user might be able to directly contact the SP admin instead of the FOP operating the WAYF.


09:28 SWITCHwayf Bug #3745 (Closed): GET argument should have higher priority than the cookies _redirect_user_idp ...
An SP with embedded wayf can be configured that way that the wayf sets the cookies _redirect_user_idp and redirect_st...


15:08 SWITCHwayf Feature #3596 (New): Assign IdPs to categories based on an entity attribute values in metadata
In SWITCHaai the SPs feature already the type of home organization as entity attribute in metadata. If that would be ...


14:32 SWITCHwayf Bug #3584: Missing ; at the end of the $supportHideFromDiscoveryEntityCategory sample
and drop the leading space between comment and variable like in all other examples.

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