Patrik Schnellmann

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08:42 SWITCHtoolbox Task #1877 (Resolved): Easier invitation
To enable easier invitation, it would be great if one could just copy-paste an email address into a field. Example:


15:58 SWITCHtoolbox Change #1727 (Resolved): Login für Gäste - nicht offensichtlich wo einloggen
Für Benutzer scheint mir nicht offensichtlich zu sein, wie man sich mit einem Gastkonto einloggen kann. Ein Design de...


11:43 uApprove Bug #367 (Closed): Omit stacktrace of exception in log
In case of dropped/stale connections to mysql, the following Exception is logged in idp-process.log. Please omit the ...


14:16 uApprove Feature #358 (Closed): Lowercase name of uApprove directories for deployment
To prevent unnecessary spelling mistakes, I find it useful to put "uApprove" in small letters, especially for directo...
14:06 uApprove Feature #357 (Closed): Remove stack trace in log
With uApprove 2.2.0 on IdP 2.2.0 there were the following two log-entries in idp-process.log. Omitting the whole stac...

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