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09:21 SWITCHwayf Feature #3919 (Resolved): Use more data to look up IDP
Is implemented with commit:00927b2
Shib Scopes and MDUI DomainHints are added as keywords as well.


13:00 SWITCHwayf Feature #3919: Use more data to look up IDP
I'm inclined to add all values as keywords: entity, scopes and DomainHints
As Peter says, entityID and scopes are mo...


12:50 SWITCHwayf Bug #3918 (Resolved): Better support for mdui:Keywords
This should be solved with commit:dd45f9f which would replace the + with a space.


17:06 SWITCHwayf Feature #3910: Supply www/index.php
I have been thinking of this too but unfortuantely this then breaks some URLs that depend on PATH_INFO (e.g. WAYF/emb...
12:32 SWITCHwayf Bug #3909 (Resolved): tag releases
There is a tag ("v2.0") for commit 79d9aa30... which is also included in the filename of the v.20 zip file. I hope th...
11:15 SWITCHwayf Wiki edit: Wiki (#15)
11:13 SWITCHwayf Wiki edit: Wiki (#14)
11:13 SWITCHwayf Version 2.0 released
The changes of this version are:
* Changed structure of directory and files, therefore the major version bump.
* Ad...
11:08 SWITCHwayf
Version 2.0


14:56 SWITCHwayf Feature #3901 (Closed): Add filter for entity categories to readMetadata.php
Added code
I extended its fu...

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