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18:19 Swiss edu-ID (Public) Wiki edit: Wiki (#24)
18:19 Swiss edu-ID (Public) Wiki edit: Wiki (#23)
18:16 Swiss edu-ID (Public) Wiki edit: Wiki (#22)


14:51 SWITCHtoolbox Change #2683 (New): Link color especially in Tools "more"
the dark blue links are hardly visible and user overlook them easily - change link color or use underline would be be...
14:35 SWITCHtoolbox Feature #2682 (New): File storage - WebDAV functions
As we've experienced a lot the file storage while collecting use cases, we've seen that the file management is very p...
14:32 SWITCHtoolbox Feature #2681 (New): Show groups I'm invited to
As some users haven't seen that they have to use the link sent in the invitation email to access a private group, I s...


14:00 SWITCHtoolbox Feature #2554: Tables in Wiki
Cool! Many thanks!
09:50 SWITCHtoolbox Feature #2554 (Closed): Tables in Wiki
It's important for us to have a better way to use tables in the Wiki.
As soon as you have checklists, timetables etc...


09:37 SWITCHtoolbox Bug #2342 (Closed): Letodms: Name field content dissapers
Beim Eintrag eines Filenamens (Feld "Name") verschwindet der Name, taucht dann wieder auf und verschwindet wieder.


09:53 SWITCHtoolbox Bug #1912: Wiki Subscriptions Anzeige
Soweit ich das feststellen konnte (habe aber keine neuen Wikis abonniert in letzter Zeit), hat sich da nichts geƤnder...

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