SWITCHwayf Documentation


The SWITCHwayf is published under a BSD license and provided "as-is".

Official Releases

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General Update Instructions

In order to upgrade use the following instructions:

  1. Make a backup of the directory where the currently active version of the SWITCHwayf is installed, e.g. with cp -a SWITCHwayf SWITCHwayf.bak
  2. Get the ZIP archive of the new version and move it into the same directory as the WAYF script of the currently deployed version.
    Download the latest version from Files
  3. Unzip the archive, e.g. with the command: unzip -d #DD# SWITCHwayf_x.y_YYYYMMDD.zip
    This step will overwrite all files except those whose names start with 'custom-'.
    Alternatively, create a new directory, move the ZIP archive in that directory, unzip it and then copy the config.php and all custom-.* files from the current SWITCHwayf installation over to the new directory.
  4. Have a look at config.dist.php and compare this file with your current config.php in order to identify new configuration options.
    Since version 1.18 the script 'update-config.php' can be used to merge an existing configuration (from config.php) with the default configuration (config.dist.php) into a new configuration file (config.new.php). This allows easily getting a clean configuration file while keeping the current settings.
    Run the script with: php update-config.php
    Ensure that the user has the necessary write privileges to create the file config.new.php. Also note that all comments you might have added in the current.php will not be copied over.
    Also compare the custom-.* files to the default-.* files that might have changed. Some features like the improved drop-down list require the WAYF to load additional javascripts. If a custom header file is missing them, the feature will not work.
  5. Ensure that the permissions for the files:
    • SWITCHwayf/etc/SProvider.metadata.php
    • SWITCHwayf/etc/IDProvider.metadata.php
    • /tmp/metadata.lock
    • $WAYFLogFile (typically /var/log/apache2/wayf.log) are set such that the web server user (e.g. www-data, www or httpd) has write permissions for them.
  6. If SAML2 metadata is used by SWITCHwayf, you might have to run the following command to bootstrap the metadata reading process again:
    php readMetadata.php

GIT Access


The GIT repository is world-readable. Checking out SWITCHwayf from GIT ensures that you always have the latest code version. We promise to check in only code that executes, however, for a production setup one should always first test checked out code before using it.

Munin Monitoring

The WAYF Munin plugin shows how to use Munin in order to monitor the activity of the WAYF instance.

SWITCHwayf-1.19-Screenshot.png (139 KB) Lukas Hämmerle, 2013-10-29 14:33

wayf_requests-week.png - Munin Screenshot (34.9 KB) Lukas Hämmerle, 2013-10-29 14:44