• AAI

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    • Shibboleth IdP V3 Kerberos Authentication Flow

      The Kerberos Authentication Flow for the Shibboleth Identity Provider version 3 will allow users to authenticate via the SPNEGO authentication protocol using their existing Kerberos login.

      The "Kerberos Authentication Flow" will be the successor of the Kerberos Login Handler for the IdP version 2....

  • AAI gem for Rails

    Develop a gem (or an extension to a existing gem) that can be added to any Ruby/Rails project and handles all things Authentication and Authorization using the AAI/Shibboleth mechano

  • SWITCHtoolbox

    This project on SWITCHforge is intended to give feedback and to provide support on the Virtual Organization pilot phase. Please go to "Issues" if you need assistance or if you want to add a feature request or suggestion.

    • Core

      The Virtual Organization Platform Core is one of the main components used in the SWITCHtoolbox. It is the engine that manages the memberships in groups and the subscriptions of tools. Core provides a REST/JSON interface that allows the web interface and tools to access the data stored in Core....

  • Swiss edu-ID (Public)

    The Swiss edu-ID is a persistent virtual identity SWITCH is developing for use by Swiss Higher Education institutions. It is designed to be secure and recognised worldwide.

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