SWITCHwayf: Version 1.16 released

Added by Lukas Hämmerle almost 8 years ago

The SWITCHwayf now supports a search-as-you-type feature that facilitates the initial selection of an Identity Provider from a large list.

Other features include:

  • Added cookieSecurity option to set and transmit cookies securely
    Please review the config.dist.php file for this new option.
  • Added additional data protection feature that uses the referer to decide whether or not to preselect an Identity Provider in the Embedded WAYF.
  • If the Discovery Feed feature is activated, only those IdPs are shown that are contained in the feed. Others will be hidden automatically.
  • Added Keywords property to format of IDP entries to allow users to search Identity Providers using a keyword. Keywords are also read from SAML 2 metadata.

Many of the new features and code were suggested and contributed by NII National Institute of Informatics (Japan), in particular Takeshi Nishimura. Have a look at the CHANGES file for further details.

The new version can be downloaded on the Files page

SWITCHwayf: Version 1.15 released

Added by Lukas Hämmerle about 8 years ago

The SWITCHwayf now allows using a CSS file that can be customized. The overall look was changed to reflect the new SWITCH Home page. The JSON feed provided by Shibboleth 2.4 or newer can now be used to add Identity Providers to the additional Identity Providers.

The complete list of changes:
  • A default and custom CSS file can now be used
  • Graphical design now is based new SWITCH harmos elements
  • Adapted JSON output to use format used by Shibboleth SP
  • Renamed some string keys to make them independent from SWITCH.
    Please review the 'Specific Update Instructions' in the README file
  • Added support for the Shibboleth SP 2.4 Discovery Feed JSON output in Embedded WAYF
  • Focus on submit button works better with different browsers
  • Invalid values for width and height are now defaulted to auto for Embedded WAYF
  • Fixed a URL composing bug that resulted in a wrong return URL to the Service Provider if the return parameter did not contain any GET arguments. Reported by Tom Scavo
  • Made implementation behave according to the Discovery Service protocol specification when it comes to the return parameter. This parameter is optional in case the DS knows the SP Discovery URL. Reported by Tom Scavo.

The new version can be downloaded on the Files page

LLL-transfer: LLL-transfer- Strategy report is online

Added by Cindy Eggs over 8 years ago

Lifelong Learning (LLL) has become a catchword in Swiss and European Education Landscape, but there is no broad consensus about its meaning. Therefore a State-of-the-Art analysis was carried out at Higher Education Institutions (HEI) in Switzerland in order to identify how HEIs implement LLL in their overall strategy and what Lifelong Learning means to them. The broad goal of the study was to draw a wide and systematic picture of integration of LLL at Swiss HEIs and, in particular, review:
• existing HEI strategies and LLL,
• the organisation of LLL and related services (Alumni, Career services, Continuing Education, Management etc.) within HEIs,
• the elaboration of LLL related services within HEIs.

The report is intended to guide university executive boards, as well as members of services, departments and associations that are involved directly or indirectly in formulating and implementing LLL strategies. Though not a direct target group within this study, lifelong learners remain the central focus of resulting recommendations.
The study was initiated through „Lifelong Learning Transfer“, a project carried out by 5 HEI-partners as part of the "AAA/SWITCH – e-infrastructure for e-science” programme under the leadership of SWITCH, the Swiss National Research and Education Network, and is supported by funds from State Secretariat for Education and Research (SER) and Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology (OPET).

In order to collect data, an online questionnaire was sent to LLL-related services of all Swiss HEIs (cantonal and pedagocigal universities, polytechnical Universities, Universities of Applied Sciences UAS). To complete the data, six qualitative interviews with representatives of important stakeholder groups such as continuing education and career services, distance universities and cantonal, and pedagogical staff were carried out.

LLL-transfer: LLL-transfer @ePic

Added by Cindy Eggs over 8 years ago

"ePortfolios as a modern Self-assessment-instrument for the implementation of Lifelong-Learning in Higher Education" is a short paper, written by Cindy Eggs, which will be presented at ePic-Conference in London on the 12th of July.

SWITCHwayf: Version 1.14.3 released

Added by Lukas Hämmerle over 8 years ago

The following things were changed or corrected:

  • File locking was improved and a race condition was fixed

Special thanks go to Robert Basch from MIT for reporting these issues and for submitting a patch.

LLL-transfer: LLL-transfer at eduhub days

Added by Petra Kauer-Ott over 8 years ago

Cindy Eggs (FFHS) & Damien Carron (Fernuni)

Lifelong Learning Transfer: Perception of a Trendy Issue

The aim of this session is to discuss the different perceptions of the Lifelong Learning Concept at Swiss Institutions of Higher Education. In order to animate the debate, a short presentation about LLL-transfer-project (1 slide) and the results of the survey about the implementation of LLL-learning in HEI's strategies (2nd and 3rd slides) will be shown at the beginning.

Needs, questions, suggestions, and experiences will be discussed starting from 3 questions:

What does Lifelong Learning mean to you?

1. How is Lifelong Learning implemented at your university (what works, why, who does it and how?
2. Is Lifelong Learning mentioned in your strategy?
3. Are there any internal or external Lifelong Learning projects?

Reporter: Cindy Eggs (FFHS) & Damien Carron (Fernuni)

Link eduPad:

Group Management Tool: Version 1.3.2 released

Added by Lukas Hämmerle over 8 years ago

Fixed issues:

  • #601 Fixes an issue when evaluating regular expression group rules if a user has not yet been a registered user
  • #388 Fixes a problem where the authorization files are not modified correctly in case two groups are using the same file

Special thanks go to Olivier Jeannin from University of Geneva for reporting the bugs and contributing patches.

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