SWITCHwayf: Version 1.19.1 released

Added by Lukas Hämmerle over 5 years ago

This version fixes a few bugs and optimizes the work flow for installations that allow users to permanently remember their selection. In particular:

  • Fixed a bug that listed the last used IdPs in wrong order
  • Fixed a bug where Identity Providers would not be shown in the drop-down
    list unless there was at least one entry in IDProviders.conf.php
  • The default category 'unknown' is now also shown in case the last used
    category is displayed.
  • Saved one click to permanently save a default organisation.
  • Changed some language strings

LLL-transfer: Lifelong Learning

Added by Cindy Eggs almost 6 years ago

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

What Henry Ford said in the early 20s has finally also penetrated the European and Swiss educational landscape. There are initiatives to operationalize this theoretical concept and still a lot of planned actions for its implementation.

The state-of-the-art analysis of Lifelong Learning at Swiss Higher Education Institutions (HEI) has shown that themes like Recognition of Prior Learning, Openness of HEIs and flexibility have become very relevant in order to open the floor to new target groups.

The webinar presents the results of the LLL-analysis and gives practical support for the promotion and implementation of LLL at Swiss HEIs. For that reason the webinar contains not only a presentation of the state-of-the-art and future scenarios, but also a demonstration of the modified LLL-transfer-tool which has been developed by the Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences (Cindy Eggs and Willi Bernhard, FFHS) and the University of Geneva (Suzanne De Jonckheere and Bineta Ndiaye, UNIGE) within the Learning Infrastructure Project.

SWITCHwayf: Version 1.19 released

Added by Lukas Hämmerle almost 6 years ago

The changes of this version are:

  • Added search-as-you-type support to Embedded WAYF. This feature is off by default as it is currently experimental. Can be activated with the option 'wayf_use_improved_drop_down_list'.
  • Added MDUI logo support. Only favicon logos (16x16 px) will be used. The logos will be dynamically loaded and only if they are visible
  • Added new setting to central ('$showNumOfPreviouslyUsedIdPs') and embedded WAYF ('wayf_num_last_used_idps') to show last used IdPs at top of drop down list. The default value is 3.
  • Added Embedded WAYF option 'wayf_overwrite_from_other_federations_text' to overwrite the category name of IdPs from other federations
  • Added Embedded WAYF option 'wayf_auto_redirect_if_logged_in' that automatically sends a user to the wayf_return_url if he already is authenticated.
  • Replaced the term 'Home Organisation' in the language strings to more generic terms that probably are better understood by users.
  • SP names from MDUI metadata elements are now used if available
  • Small styling changes/CSS improvements
  • Bug fixes and code refactoring

All issues associated with this release: <>
The new version can be downloaded on the Files page
Also have a look at the Update Instructions in the Wiki.

SWITCHwayf: Version 1.18 released

Added by Lukas Hämmerle about 6 years ago

The changes of this version are:

  • Changed default SessionInitiator of the Embedded WAYF to /Login because this has been the default SessionInitiator in Shibboleth for quite some time now.
  • Corrected viewport meta tag separator of default header as suggested by Andrew Sokolov from Saint Petersburg State University
  • Fixed a bug in the IdP preselection of the embedded wayf when additional IdPs where added
  • Removed as many SWITCH-specific graphics and texts as possible.
  • Introduced configuration options to allow easier customization. Run php update-config.php to create an updated configuration file with your current settings.
  • Added some optimizations to the drop-down list search-as-you type feature
  • The log file now logs - if possible - also the SP entityID/providerId
  • Some small styling changes/CSS improvements
  • Added Japanese locales from the GakuNin version of SWITCHwayf
  • Some bug fixes

The new version can be downloaded on the Files page
Also have a look at the Update Instructions in the Wiki.

Group Management Tool: Version 1.6 released

Added by Lukas Hämmerle about 6 years ago

Version 1.6 allows to add custom attributes to groups. These attributes can be single or multi-valued. The custom attributes have no meaning within GMT itself but can be queried via the PHP/PERL/Java module. The names of the custom attributes are defined in the GMT main configuration. There it also is defined who can view and edit the values of custom attributes.

In order to make use of this feature, install the new version according to the instructions in the INSTALL file.

Group Management Tool: Version 1.5 released

Added by Lukas Hämmerle over 6 years ago

This new version not only has an improved appearance, it also allows to better customize the appearance such that modification survive updates. In addition there now also is a script that allows migrating the data from text files to a MySQL database, which allows more scalable and faster data access.

Group Management Tool: Version 1.4.2 released

Added by Lukas Hämmerle over 6 years ago

This release is a bug fix release. Please have a look at the Version_History for additional information.

The only addition is a Perl script that allows generating SQL data based on text-based storage. This facilitates migration from text files to MySQL. The script is in modules/

SWITCHwayf: Version 1.17.1 released

Added by Lukas Hämmerle about 7 years ago

This version fixes two small bugs, one of which was reported by Takeshi Nishimura from NII National Institute of Informatics (Japan).
The other bug was a packaging problem that caused the new JavaScripts for the improved drop down list from not being included in the distribution.

Have a look at the Update Instructions in the Wiki.

SWITCHwayf: Version 1.17 released

Added by Lukas Hämmerle over 7 years ago

The SWITCHwayf now supports:
  • An optimized view for mobile devices with small screen sizes (e.g. iPhones or Android devices)
  • The Embedded WAYF now always includes a link to the target URL if the user is recognized as logged in
  • The Embedded WAYF now automatically uses the entityID and return GET arguments of pages that it is embedded. That way, a page with an Embedded WAYF can be configured as a default Discovery Service page in the Shibboleth configuration (eg.g <SessionInitiator type="SAMLDS" URL=""/>).

The new version can be downloaded on the Files page

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