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"ePortfolios as a modern Self-assessment-instrument for the implementation of Lifelong-Learning in Higher Education" is a short paper, written by Cindy Eggs, which will be presented at ePic-Conference in London on the 12th of July.

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Cindy Eggs (FFHS) & Damien Carron (Fernuni)

Lifelong Learning Transfer: Perception of a Trendy Issue

The aim of this session is to discuss the different perceptions of the Lifelong Learning Concept at Swiss Institutions of Higher Education. In order to animate the debate, a short presentation about LLL-transfer-project (1 slide) and the results of the survey about the implementation of LLL-learning in HEI's strategies (2nd and 3rd slides) will be shown at the beginning.

Needs, questions, suggestions, and experiences will be discussed starting from 3 questions:

What does Lifelong Learning mean to you?

1. How is Lifelong Learning implemented at your university (what works, why, who does it and how?
2. Is Lifelong Learning mentioned in your strategy?
3. Are there any internal or external Lifelong Learning projects?

Reporter: Cindy Eggs (FFHS) & Damien Carron (Fernuni)

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Group Management Tool: Version 1.3.2 released

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Fixed issues:

  • #601 Fixes an issue when evaluating regular expression group rules if a user has not yet been a registered user
  • #388 Fixes a problem where the authorization files are not modified correctly in case two groups are using the same file

Special thanks go to Olivier Jeannin from University of Geneva for reporting the bugs and contributing patches.

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