Version 1.21 released

Version 1.21 of the SWITCHwayf includes new features and improvements. Most notably better multi-tenant support and some minor code improvements.
Added by Lukas Hämmerle almost 2 years ago

The changes of this version are:
  • Allow loading configuration from a path in a web server environment variable to allow multi-tenant deployments. Code provided by Guillaume Rousse.
  • Added code to readMetadata.php to ignore comments. Contributed by Chris Philips
  • Manually added/Discovery Feed IdPs can now also be added as most used IdPs
  • Updated JQuery to v3.2.1
  • Hide IdPs also from category 'Last Used IdP'
  • User HTTP post has preference over session cookies set by 'remember' checkbox
  • Various other improvements suggested by Guillaume Rousse.
  • Removed SWITCH-specific strings from languages file
  • Made Javascript less prone to conflicts thanks to contributed code from Christian Glahn

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The new version can be downloaded on the Files page
Also have a look at the update instructions in the Wiki.