Version 1.20 released

Version 1.20 of the SWITCHwayf includes new features and improvements. Among them support for the Hide-From-Discovery entity category, improved metadata processing and logging as well as an option to hide loading logos from remote URLs.
Added by Lukas Hämmerle over 4 years ago

The changes of this version are:
  • Added support for Hide-From-Discovery ($supportHideFromDiscoveryEntityCategory in config.php)
  • Ensured that metadata is not processed multiple times when it changed
  • Fixed a bug that affected Discovery URLs in metadata containing GET arguments
  • Added an option to central and embedded WAYF (var wayf_disable_remote_idp_logos) to disable loading logo images from third party hosts/remote URLs.
  • Improved logging to system log
  • Updated Japanese language pack (contributed by Takeshi Nishimura)
  • Updated JQuery library to v1.11.2

All issues associated with this release: SWITCHwayf v1.20
The new version can be downloaded on the Files page
Also have a look at the update instructions in the Wiki.