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Toggle check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2072adobe_connect_apiChangeNewLowStatistics: adobe_connect_api Gem verwendenChristian Rohrer2013-05-31 14:02
2884CoreChangeIn ProgressNormalGelöschte Person soll wieder eingeladen werden könnenDaniel Lutz2014-01-16 14:28
2917CoreBugNewNormalBei Einladungen mit unterschiedlichen E-Mail-Adressen kann ein Benutzer mehrfach existierenDaniel Lutz2013-10-29 15:40
1004CoreTaskNewNormalWrite access control tests for servicesLukas Hämmerle2012-11-06 16:41
769CoreTaskIn ProgressLowCross-federation VO ProtocolLukas Hämmerle2012-11-06 13:16
2719Group Management ToolFeatureNewNormalAllow modules to query GMT version2013-05-24 15:02
2628Group Management ToolFeatureFeedbackNormalCustom Attributes per GroupLukas Hämmerle2013-05-24 14:59
1122Group Management ToolFeatureNewNormalCleanup script to delete users who dont exist anymore2011-12-01 13:13
1121Group Management ToolFeatureNewNormalStore also persistentID for each user2011-12-01 13:11
630Group Management ToolFeatureNewNormalRemoval of users from gmt registered users2011-03-08 10:12
618ID-WSF ECP Web Service ClientBugIn ProgressHighWebServiceClient.executeMethod can't be called more than onceValery Tschopp2011-03-24 13:41
598ID-WSF ECP Web Service ClientFeatureIn ProgressNormalProvide access to HttpClient in WebServiceClientValery Tschopp2011-03-24 13:34
599ID-WSF ECP Web Service ClientSupportIn ProgressNormalWebServiceClient and multithreadingValery Tschopp2011-03-24 13:33
2394Java IdP Kerberos Login HandlerBugNewHighBroken reference to dependencies building java-idp-kerberos-login-handler2013-05-13 10:57
2925LLL-transferBugNewNormalWebinar on the State of the Art of Lifelong Learning at Swiss Higher Education Institution2013-11-11 13:06
1049LLL-transferBugIn ProgressNormalEvaluation/questionnaire testing2011-10-14 15:07
3568Shibboleth IdP V3 Kerberos Authentication FlowTaskNewLowProvide example of how to test availability of SPNEGO in browser in login.vm template.2015-10-30 20:08
3563Shibboleth IdP V3 Kerberos Authentication FlowTaskNewLowProvide function to test availability of SPNEGO on browser2015-10-30 20:08
3564Shibboleth IdP V3 Kerberos Authentication FlowTaskNewNormal/user/prefs page should confirm changes of valuesRodrigo Ristow2015-10-30 20:00
3562Shibboleth IdP V3 Kerberos Authentication FlowTaskNewNormalTest in Vagrant environmentDaniel Lutz2015-10-30 17:16
3567Shibboleth IdP V3 Kerberos Authentication FlowTaskNewNormalDocumentation: Describe how to add an "Enable/Disable SPNEGO" feature configurable by usersRodrigo Ristow2015-10-30 17:09
3565Shibboleth IdP V3 Kerberos Authentication FlowTaskNewNormalPerformance Tests / Tests with multiple usersRodrigo Ristow2015-10-30 17:01
3561Shibboleth IdP V3 Kerberos Authentication FlowTaskNewNormalTest in productive environment (FHNW)Rodrigo Ristow2015-10-30 16:34
3492Shibboleth IdP V3 Kerberos Authentication FlowTaskIn ProgressNormalCreate unit tests for web flow and interface to the MVCDaniel Lutz2015-10-30 15:08
3554Shibboleth IdP V3 Kerberos Authentication FlowTaskNewNormalDefine test plan for functional tests2015-10-30 15:07

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