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Toggle check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
3669SubprojTestBugNewNormaltest32016-04-27 10:45
3668SubprojTestBugNewNormaltest 22016-04-27 10:44
3540SWITCHtoolboxBugNewNormal"continue" funktioniert nicht wenn man schon eingelogged ist bei toolbox2015-07-17 14:46
3479SWITCHtoolboxChangeNewHighGuest Login ersetzen durch Swiss edu-ID2015-03-09 08:58
3478SWITCHtoolboxChangeNewNormalEmbedded WAYF Icon CSS2015-03-09 08:56
3317SWITCHtoolboxQuestionNewNormalWie kann ich eine Toolbox löschen, wo ich selber Administrator bin?2014-12-15 10:16
1332uApproveFeatureNewNormalReset User Consent for RemoteUser Deployments2014-11-12 15:12
3183uApproveFeatureNewNormalOrder of localized entries in metadata should by stable2014-09-15 16:32
3122SWITCHtoolboxFeatureNewNormalIm Bestätigungs Mail angeben, von wem die Einladung war2014-08-21 09:28
3113uApproveFeatureNewNormaluApprove and Attribute Queries2014-08-07 15:32
3100uApproveFeatureNewLowAttribute Release: Mehrfache identische Attribute nur einmal anzeigen (z. B. "Home Organization")2014-07-01 14:59
3075SWITCHtoolboxFeatureNewNormalGleichzeitiges editieren von Wikiseiten2014-04-24 14:05
2967uApproveFeatureNewNormalreset all consents2014-04-04 09:12
3036uApproveFeatureNewNormalseparate blacklist/whitelist for touacceptance and attributerelease2014-04-03 17:22
3038SWITCHtoolboxFeatureNewLowEinbindung von Google Docs in die Toolbox2014-03-26 10:13
2957uApproveFeatureNewNormalImplement Interface Serializable for classes Attribute and RelyingParty2014-02-03 16:19
2946uApproveQuestionNewLowLet not fail Login process when JDBC Connection is unavailable2013-12-17 11:02
2936SWITCHtoolboxBugNewLowUnschöne Fehlermeldung bei falscher email Einladung2013-11-21 08:54
2934uApproveFeatureNewNormalProvide summary page of service providers and corresponding released attributes2013-11-19 13:30
2925LLL-transferBugNewNormalWebinar on the State of the Art of Lifelong Learning at Swiss Higher Education Institution2013-11-11 13:06
2790uApproveFeatureNewNormalSupport expiration of attribute release consent (e.g. require to re-approve after 1 year)2013-07-23 17:04
2719Group Management ToolFeatureNewNormalAllow modules to query GMT version2013-05-24 15:02
2718SWITCHtoolboxBugNewNormalRemove secret_token from initializer config and dont commit to git anymore2013-05-23 14:28
2394Java IdP Kerberos Login HandlerBugNewHighBroken reference to dependencies building java-idp-kerberos-login-handler2013-05-13 10:57
2681SWITCHtoolboxFeatureNewNormalShow groups I'm invited to2013-05-13 08:50

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