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Supply www/index.php

Added by Peter Schober 11 months ago. Updated 11 months ago.

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Accessing the WAYF could be made simpler if the web server-accessible PHP file wouldn't be called www/WAYF but simply www/index.php instead. This would also avoid the need to document to call SetHandler on the PHP script in Apache httpd configuration. Having to rename the script (as suggested in the README.md: "rename the file 'WAYF' to 'WAYF.php'") makes upgrading needlessly complicated as you'd have to modify files within the distribution -- and potentially again on every update.

Alternatively (and also backwards compatible) a symbolic link could be shipped by default (index.php -> WAYF), which is how I've personally been dealing with this all along. Of course symlinks may not work on all platforms and web server configurations. (Still shipping the added symlink wouldn't break anything either, I think.)

Currently I have all configuration outside the distribution files (e.g. from a git checkout or an unpacked release zip) with the help of the SWITCHWAYF_CONFIG environment variable. But due to this issue I would still have to modify something within the cloned git repo / unpacked zip file.


#1 Updated by Lukas Hämmerle 11 months ago

I have been thinking of this too but unfortuantely this then breaks some URLs that depend on PATH_INFO (e.g. WAYF/embedded-wayf.js and similar)... I will have a look at the symlink approach.

#2 Updated by Peter Schober 11 months ago

If I understand correctly this could be handled by making sure the URL used with the embedded WAYF includes the full file name, i.e., /index.php/embedded-wayf.js?

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