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SWITCH Forge facilitates the development of projects where SWITCH is involved in by providing various often required functions and features that one would expect from a good project environment platform. This includes a wiki, bug tracking, news and activity pages and of course svn/cvs/git repository integration.

Have a look at the Projects Page to see all public projects.

Forge is fully accessible from the public Internet. Users can access it via AAI/eduGAIN or via registered accounts. Registered accounts have to be manually approved by SWITCH staff members. Forge only hosts projects if they were initiated by SWITCH or if at least one SWITCH staff member is part of the project team.

Please contact Fergus Kerins:
  • If you want to add a project
  • If you want to connect your subversion repository (e.g. subversion.switch.ch) to a project
  • If you have any problems, comments, suggestions etc...

Subversion Access
This instance also hosts a subversion repository that generally has public read access. It is accessible via:

svn checkout [--username=<username>] https://subversion.switch.ch/svn/general/<repository>
svn checkout [--username=<username>] https://subversion.switch.ch/svn/shibboleth/<repository>
svn checkout [--username=<username>] https://subversion.switch.ch/svn/smscg

If you need subversion access for a specific project, find a machine where htpasswd is installed, execute the command

htpasswd -cm svn_md5_password_#YOUR_USERNAME#.dat #YOUR_USERNAME#
and send the resulting file to the project manager of the project where you need SVN access.

Latest news

uApprove: uApprove 2.6.0 Release
Introduces LDAP-storage support and some minor changes, features and a bug fix.
Added by Lukas Hämmerle over 5 years ago

Group Management Tool: Version 1.6.1 released
This release is a bug fix release.
Added by Lukas Hämmerle almost 6 years ago

LLL-transfer: Lifelong Learning
Webinar on the State of the Art and Future Scenarios of Lifelong Learning at Swiss Higher Education Institutions
Added by Cindy Eggs over 6 years ago

uApprove: uApprove 2.5.0 Release
Added by Daniel Lutz over 6 years ago

Group Management Tool: Version 1.6 released
Includes a new feature to assign custom attributes to groups.
Added by Lukas Hämmerle almost 7 years ago

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